Orondo River Park

Orondo River Park is located on the Columbia River and provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the river’s beauty. Visitors can hire boats or dock their own and take a very scenic boat ride up the river, while potentially fishing. Fish found in the Columbia River are steelheads, salmon, sturgeons, trouts, and walleyes. The beauty of the Columbia River can be admired as well on the well-kept camp areas and shores of Orondo River Park. Orondo River Park provides toilets and showers for the designated camp areas (Orondo also prides itself on the very clean toilets that it maintains).  And this.

Orondo also provides parking spots for visitors. Parking includes:
  • 3 handicap spaces
  • 13 car&boat trailer spaces
  • 44 regular car parking spaces

We look forward to your visit!  Or visit our main web site.

Boating and Fishing

One of Orondo River Park’s most popular activities is boating on the Columbia River. Orondo River Park has a boat launch ramp with 8 mooring spaces, available on a first come, first serve basis.

This is a quote.  Orondo has pontoon boats for hire that can be hired for 4 hour or 8 hour periods. Additionally, Orondo allows boat fuel on the water, so long as it is ethenol free (fueling hours are from 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M).

Fishing is also a popular activity while visiting Orondo. The fish that can be caught in this area are steelhead, salmon, sturgeon, trout, and walleye.



– Pontoon Boats for 4 hours                  $140.00 – plus fuel used

  …  8 hours                      $265.00 – plus fuel used

– One mooring space (out of 8)             $10.00 per night

– Boat Launch Fee                                       $8.00

Campground Rates

Rates for Orondo Campground:
  • RV sites are $30 per night, with water & electric hookup, and tent sites are $26 per night
  • Picnic area (up to 25 people) is $55 per day
  • Boat launch and parking are $8 per night
A rule to know:
  • On the beach area, there are no dogs allowed.


At Orondo River Park’s Convenience Store, we sell cold drinks, ice cream, snacks, hot and cold coffee drinks, etc. Wi-fi is available as well (except only in the store and the office areas). Additionally, there is firewood and ice available. Credit cards are accepted at the convenience store.

Fingerpoint Camp Area

Orondo River Park has just opened up a small group camp area called Fingerpoint.  It is situated on the left hand side of boat launch area and it is on the waters edge.  Call reservations for bookings:

  • 509-784-5818