Orondo River Park

Orondo River Park is located on the Columbia River and provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the river’s beauty. Visitors can hire boats or dock their own and take a very scenic boat ride up the river, while potentially fishing. Fish found in the Columbia River are steelheads, salmon, sturgeons, trouts, and walleyes. The beauty of the Columbia River can be admired as well on the well-kept camp areas and shores of Orondo River Park. Orondo River Park provides toilets and showers for the designated camp areas (Orondo also prides itself on the very clean toilets that it maintains).  And this.

Orondo also provides parking spots for visitors. Parking includes:
  • 3 handicap spaces
  • 13 car&boat trailer spaces
  • 44 regular car parking spaces

We look forward to your visit!  Or visit our main web site.